Our Services

Fortis Group Advisors and our strategic partners specialize in wealth management, wealth accumulation, and wealth preservation as components of a comprehensive and integrated financial planning process to managing your financial life plan. The essence of proper planning is identifying and priortizing your life goals. Developing a plan to help achieve these goals while maintaining your true vision of "wealth" is at the heart of what we do for our clients.

Fortis Group Advisors provides you the ability to organize all your advisors and assets in a consolidated system where all critical information can be accessed in the same place at the same time. A seamless platform is available through which all your financial matters may be managed.

Consolidate, Organize, and Integrate your Financial Life:

  • Financial Goals/Plans
  • Balance sheet/Net Worth statements
  • Asset Allocation Strategy
  • Account Aggregation
  • Cash Flow/Retirement Models
  • Tax Planning
  • Risk Management and Planning
  • Insurance Coverages and Summary
  • Estate Planning

Benefits to Fortis Group Advisors Clients:

  • Immediate access to all financial related matters in a single location.
  • Timely information.
  • Your accounts and assets are always current.
  • Your balance sheets are updated daily.
  • Broad based expertise.
  • Comprehensive analysis.