Investment Management Program

Fortis Group Advisors' Investment Management Program is a simply stated process to promote client understanding in how their investment goals may be established, integrated, and ultimately achieved.

  1. As part of your overall financial plan, we work with you to crystalize your life and financial goals, an investment philosophy, asset-allocation targets, and expected results.
  2. After clearly identifying your objectives and constraints we focus on appropriate investment strategies and, as a result, improve your probability of success.
  3. Creation of specific portfolios is based on asset classes. Given various levels of client risk tolerance, the appropriate portfolio is implemented.
  4. The portfolios include asset classes believed to be in a long-term uptrend, “find a trend; throw yourself in front of it.”, Warren Buffet.
  5. The portfolio returns are monitored on a quarterly basis in order to determine any changes to be implemented to optimize investment returns based upon the correlation of asset classes in relation to historical returns.
  6. A watch list is utilized to monitor investment managers and non-proprietary investment vehicles.
  7. A technical analysis software program is utilized, in combination with fundamental analysis, to improve buy/sell activity to enhance investment entry and exit decisions. (Virtual Portfolio Manager VPM).